HOW was it?
28 of October – 4 of November 2018
Feedback from students
  • Designer at the digital agency A is A (Vladivostok)
    New experiences. Mastering new skills and approaches to a project. Unexpected and unconventional tasks, interesting and meaningful comments from curators, friendly team.
    Oleg’s project about the course.
  • Designer (Tyumen)
    The course helped me look at myself. It introduced the life of Seoul to me. It indicated to me the things I should work on. Lots of communication. Everyone in the camp was extremely engaged. Partying in the evening.)
    Danila’s project about the course.
  • Designer-illustrator and food stylist (Vladivostok)
    People were great! Discussing our works in the evening, too. Splitting into pairs — it really helps start to communicate if you’re an introvert) The course helped me define where I want to grow further. Nastya’s project about the course.
  • Cinema designer (Moscow)
    The camp creates perfect conditions to start playing, reminding you of your strength and courage, dreams and desires. That is a whole new world, a safe space where there are way more opportunities than you normally have in your regular life. Alyona’s project about the course.
  • Designer (Kazan)
    I got distracted from my job, got more confident about myself and less skeptical about other people. I liked the tolerant attitude towards the course participants, well-reasoned criticism and unpredictable tasks. Roma’s project.
  • Designer at the event agency Advanza (Moscow)
    I liked exploring the city, visiting a design studio, and communicating with others. I got an experience of solving irregular tasks on short notice)
About the camp
In October 2018, together with 13 wonderful designers and 2 curators#nbsp we carried out an intense design camp in Seoul.

The camp turned out to be interesting and difficult. We’re going to tell you a little bit about how it was.
  • Seoul like soul
    When we’re leaving for yet another camp, we are often asked — why did you choose this city, exactly? Seoul is a huge, complicated metropolis, very rich visually, where each square meter is breathing with inspiration, whether it’s a regular metro station, or the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • Digital media station
    We stayed at a two-storey house near the Digital Media Station. We started and finished each day together, sometimes it ended well after midnight. Daily conversations and discussing the things we lived and saw during the day — it became our course' daily practice.
  • 7 cities, 7 days, 7 tasks, 13 students
    Designers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Kazan, Yerevan, Tyumen joined the course. Designers with different professional and life experiences became friends and associates in a week, living through daily shared tasks.
Meeting each other
Day 1. Working in pairs
An interview and a mini movie about your partner.
The City
Day 2. Working in mini-teams
Exploring the city (district) and creating posters.
Day 3. Working in mini-teams
Localization of Korean goods packaging for other market.
Day 4. Individual work
Day of silence. Day of observation and reflection.
Day of museums and writing a manifesto.
Day 5. Working in pairs
Making a video with the manifesto.
Day 6. Individual work
Creating interactive presentations about the course.