Hi there!

Many years ago I studied history at the university and after graduation, I took a leap of faith and changed the industry. This is how my journey as a designer began. I love the visual industry and was always striving not only to work as a designer but build a community and bring more value to the industry through collaboration and connection.

And that’s how Controforma was born.
Аnd here we go — 5 years of love and passion doing courses for creatives around the globe.
I appreciate lifelong learning and I dream of being curious forever; I wish to open this world to those who are willing to do the same.
Welcome to our cozy family and hope to hear from you very soon!
Hi guys!

I'm Sasha, a graphic designer, illustrator, and calligrapher.
Sneak on my Instagram if you feel like it. In Controforma I'm in charge of design, hope you like it!

I have been drawing all my life and I always try to catch and reflect the beauty around me.
My main inspiration and value are people who are sincere, loving, and doing what they love.

I wish I could keep my inner child curious and know the world with a twinkle in my eyes.

Strategy and marketing

Hi, I’m Dheeraj and my vision is to help creatives find their strengths and develop their creative skills! From the warm sunny (and isolated) island of Mauritius, I’ve spent much of my childhood dreaming about exploring the world and soaking in all its culture and history. I find travel to be enriching and eye-opening, as you can learn so much from different histories, people, and ways of life.
I have always known that I will be a creative.
I started with a background in graphic design, but have explored complementary skills in marketing. Together with a business degree, I am finding my path as a creative entrepreneur.

Today I seek to build a strong network of fellow creatives, from dreamers to explorers who are passionate about building themselves and their talent.
We enjoy everything about life-long learning and are always up to learning and relearning ourselves. Not knowing is not a crime, but disguising it is. Continuous learning is our way to stay curious, and therefore young, so we create our courses for all the people who share our values ;)
Controforma is all about studying with eyes ablaze with enthusiasm. Our tutors and curators are all practicing professionals with loads of experience and they are all up to sharing with our students.
Controforma is a blend of learning, travel, and fun.
We organized more than 16 camps from Tokyo to New York during the last 4 years where the industry experts provided up-to-date workshops and brainstorming sessions.
Athens illlustration camp. September 2021
New York design camp. July 2019
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Agency.
Service design camp in Helsinki and Tallinn. The Aalto University. September 2019
Florence illlustration camp. April 2019
Porto lettering camp. November 2017
Tokyo design camp. October 2019
Last night at design camp in South Korea. November 2018
Tbilisi video camp. May 2021
Brussels Comics Art camp. September 2022
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We are ready to share our experience, give some tips, and provide trainers!