Summer 2023
Location – Casa rural in Olot (2 hours from Barcelona)
Hello dear friends! How is all going?

Happy to see you here. You are on the page dedicated to our summer creativity camp for teens 11+

We take you to a fast trip of how the last camp was. Hope you enjoy it the same as we did! Let's go!

Day 1
The focus of the day: meeting other peers.

Once arrive guys took their rooms and we gathered together at out library/game zone to talk and get to know each other.
And of course — we got the first task of the week from our curators — to film a short documentary about another mate.
Day 2
A long day is ahead and we have a new creative task — to stage a theater performance from scratch with other mates (groups of 4).

Switching day leisure activities such as swimming and playing volley/ping pong of frisbee with our task challenge we manage to watch 4 amazing performances at the open theather after the dusk.
Day 3
Wow! That day was awesome!

Our curators Lena and Danya both are graphic designers showed how to create and prind and publish (if you want) your own book. So we spent almost all day creating books and finally presenting them publicly at a fair after the dusk.
Day 4
A long hiking day to a waterfall.

This day was a total improvisation — looking for a half hidden waterfall, getting back home under a massive rain, happily eating well-deserved lasagna! What a craziness!
Day 5
This day we welcomed our heart guest — Irina who brought us a knowlenge of creating and launching your own podcast.

We studied how to find a best topic, interview, and listeners, and how to make it in the most catchy way possible without losing a personal charm. And of course — we ended up listening to them all! Guys are so talanted!
Day 6
A lot of joy with a swimming pool and of course — a task of the day — video installation!

Never heard of it? No worries — take a look at works of guys!
Day 7
A last day of creating and enjoying.

Today is a day of performance practice. How does it feel to be Marina Abramovic or Joseph Beuys even for a few minutes?

Presentation. Last dinner together. Final discoteca all night long.
Thank you for this week — Sophia, Kate, Theo, Dasha, Alisa, Zoya, Maria, Artem, Valera, Bogdan, Arianna, Veronika and Veronika, Anna, Yasya, Polina, Irina, Alesya, Alex, Diana!

And of course — Eva, Olya, Marin, Lena, Mike and Danya.

Отзывы о летнем лагере (смена на русском)
Это была по-настоящему незабываемая неделя, которая подарила суперские воспоминания и классные знакомства, и показала, что жизнь - это очень яркий и весёлый event.

Отлично, на момент смены в лагере мне было 12 лет и я чувствовала себя комфортно в обществе этого проекта, приятное общение с Олей и остальными кураторами оставили под впечатлением (в хорошем смысле)


Очень весело, комфортно, а главное спасибо Маше за еду :)

Очень понравилось, каждый день разные активности, прекрасные вожатые, и компания в лагере.