Campus report
The illustration course took place in a stunning flat in Athens that inspired us to create — through all the stylish details of its interior, furniture, and a great neighbourhood. The house was located in Exarheia area which is famous for its artistic and rebellious soul. We were able to see a lot of street art and felt this atmosphere of unusual city life.
We had a great group of people with completely different backgrounds and needs. 15 amazing English-speaking girls from entirely different parts of the world: Spain, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Argentina, Malta, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and so on. Every day included lectures, practical assignments, and a big discussion at the end.
We believe that it is necessary to study bright-eyed and that it is possible to teach in a way that the sparks of interest turn into a flame of dedication. We are fighting for a practical approach, the courses have a lot of practical pieces of training and analysis. It is important that the school has no student-teacher hierarchy, people learn from each other and stay open to new experiences.
Day 0 and day 1
Focus — meeting each other, sketching, sketchbooks/travel books

Check-in, welcome dinner, and the very first meeting with each other.
Introduction to the course, self-presentation, and goals set. Intense sketching part. The first day was very eventful. After the lecture about a teacher’s practice and inspirational tips for beginners, the students posed for each other, made sketches of things, and drew their associations with different words. Everybody was a bit exhausted at the end, but the results were worth it. It was fast diving into the main mode of the course. Finishing the day by making our own sketchbook and talking about the day’s results and impressions.
Day 2
Focus — the Illustrator/journalist, drawing in the city

The second day was devoted to drawing in the city, after showing different references everyone went for a walk. At the end of the day, we met to show each other our sketches and share our impressions. For many of the students, this on-site drawing was new and wasn’t very easy, but this is a small step forward to big achievements.

Day 3
Focus — Illustrator/journalist, drawing at the museum

Our day three began at the Museum of Acropolis. We were sketching everywhere, occupying the entire territory of the museum. Girls were experimenting, drawing random people in the museum, and each other, and works of art. After lunch, we moved to the Acropolis itself to imagine how all the pieces of art we saw were once there a long time ago. At the end of the day, we met to show each other sketches and share our impressions.
Day 4
Focus — the art of graphic novels (comic books)

We devoted the fourth day of the course in Athens to comics. It‘s very important for the course curator Sofia to tell everyone what a cool phenomenon it is and convert people who can draw into comic-faith. Sofia showed a lot of interesting things about panels, page layout, text, and then we went through the whole process of creating a comics from inventing stories to final rendering.
Day 5
Focus — journalistic illustration, interview
+ how to find ideas for your drawings

The fifth day of the course: We were told a bit about journalistic illustration, got some inspiration from the best artists in this field and went to the city to interview random people from Athens (we were working in groups of 2).
The girls did an excellent job, one group met the book lover, another talked to an artist, the third got a fashion designer/ clothes shop owner. Day of stories and cool results!
Day 6
Focus — time management, work with clients, personal promotion plan, portfolio/CV, self-presentation skills

After getting the last lecture about time management and client work, girls collected all the work done during the course. They presented portfolios at the end, gave feedback to the curator and to the course itself. Great time of reflection and analysis. Some of their works can be seen below.
As usual, we celebrated the final of the course in a great traditional Greece restaurant, went dancing and shared all the secret stories that were left behind the other days ;)
Day 7
Breakfast, check-out and departure
Students reviews
The camp allows to come together with people how create (each on in different ways) art. That’s wonderful. It allows you to see how other people draw, get feedback on your art and channel things you normally wouldn’t create and draw. After lockdown and everything it was even more wonderful to be physically around people, get lectures and create stuff together :-)
It was an awesome experience, warm and cozy atmosphere was helpful to feel safe to share your works and enjoy the art process! Sofia was a great teacher, she was guiding us and supporting us all along. Would be happy to meet all girls again)

The course was really fun and interesting. We could get along with all the participants, the teacher, and the organizer. The lectures were really interesting. Sofia gave us the freedom to express our creativity on paper. And for me, the course taught me how to speak in front of people.


I was wondering whether to go to the camp or not, I didn't know anyone. Now I am so glad I did. The best decision ever! I met very nice people, I learned a lot and I came home very motivated. Also traveling and seeing new places is always a worthwhile experience.


I had a great time during the camp! I tried a lot of new things in illustration and made new good friends!