Barcelona Sketch Hopping with Kulichiq


The workshop is aimed at artists, illustrators and people who need to find their professional community to grow together. A few experiences of drawing are demanded.

We will give you a sketching paper and an HB pencil, but you are very welcome to bring any sketchbooks, materials and instruments you want! Ink pens, markers, watercolors, color pencils, whatever material you`ll be comfortable to draw with.


The workshop is going to be open-air sketching with mixed media covering 5 themes and different locations in the city. We`re giving participants the chance to find what they like to draw, what they’re good at and also discover their weak points that we can work on.

In this workshop we are going to spend the day outside moving from one location to another, having a snack and chatting.

Every participant is choosing and bringing the art materials they`d like to draw with, the workshop is focused on touching the general concepts of plein air drawing regardless the material you`ll be drawing with.

No pressure, just having fun while finding out more about the city and learning how to draw open spaces, city squares, buildings, water and ships, food and people. We`re offering drinks to everyone at the beginning of the workshop and at the end while summarize results of the day.

Also, we`ll have a break at the cafe, where participants can buy a lunch or a snack. We`re going to spend about 45min in each place, that are in 10min walk from one another, but participants should be ready to draw standing and walk a lot in general.

You`re more than welcome to bring camp stools with you!
Also bringing a water bottle and sunscreen is a must! And a hat would be nice.
Hi guys, my name is Ksenia, but you probably know me as kulichiq.

I am a bi illustrator raised in Russian Siberia and living in Barcelona. A few years ago I turned all my life upside down. I decided to follow my dream and to do and learn everything that would make me an illustrator.
It all started with a sketch. A simple line drawing that forced me to actually look around and see things, and notice details.

But what is a beautiful exciting world if you can`t share it with friends? So I founded SketchBreakfast Club that would meet every Friday and spends the morning together drawing!

Today I`d really much enjoy inviting you into my world, so you could discover your own, and we could be neighbors! Pack your sketchbooks, pencils, and pens! We are going sketch hopping!

Buckle up! And don`t put your pencils and pens away, you never know, when you could bump into a cute kitten to draw!
12.00 — 17.00
PLAZA REIAL/Practicing drawing squares and open spaces

We`re meeting at the terrace of «Les Quince Nitz» restaurant at 12.00 and will get to know each other having a cup of good coffee or tea.
After little presentation we`re going to stay at the square and try ourselves at drawing perspective.


We`re going to learn why this place is special and tips and tricks on how to draw buildings and point out the main elements of composition.

PORT VELL (PLAZA DEL ICTÍNEO)/Practicing drawing water and ships

Drawing water is tricky, right? But don`t fear, I`ll stay close to guide you through it and will answer all your questions!

BRUNCH&CAKE BY THE SEA/Having a snack and a break/ Practicing drawing food

We`re going to have well-deserved break while eating something delicious and chatting about everything. I`ll ask questions if there`re any and will talk a bit about how to draw food and sketch at the cafes.

IGLESIA DE SAN MIGUEL DEL PUERTO (PLAZA DE LA BARCELONETA)/ Practicing drawing a church/square/people

Last point of our sketch hopping route! We`ll share our experience and works, give feedback and answer all questions.
Lots of praise and hugs!
By organizing this event, we support Ukrainian artists. 20 percent of money raised from ticket sales will be donated to non-profit organizations.

If you are from Ukraine and would like to take part in our workshop, please contact us by email,, or on WhatsApp, and we will provide you the tickets.
You can always purchase this course as a gift certificate and make a present to another person.