Sketch Hopping with Kulichiq
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The workshop is aimed at artists and people who just want to add a creative spark to their life.


The workshop is going to be open-air and interior sketching with mixed media covering 3 different locations in the city. We`re giving participants the chance to find what they like to draw, what they’re good at and also discover their weak points that we can work on.

In this workshop we are going to spend the first part of the day outside moving from one location to another, having a snack, and chatting. No pressure and just having fun.

Then we`ll head to the studio/or sit down in a park/cafe and share feedback, ask questions and sum the day up.
Hi guys, my name is Ksenia (pronounced like Xenia, and could be written with an X like in the old series "Xena the warrior"), but you probably know me like kulichiq.

I am a bi illustrator raised in Russian Siberia and living in Barcelona. A few years ago I turned all my life upside down. I decided to follow my dream and to do and learn everything that would make me an illustrator. And I am very much happy that I jumped into it!
All started with a sketch. A simple line drawing that forced me to actually look around and see things, and notice details. It helped me to see the world differently.

But what is a beautiful exciting world if you can`t share it with friends? So I started a sketching club that would meet every Friday and spends the morning together drawing and having a good cup of coffee. That`s how SketchBreakfast Club was born!

Today I`d really much enjoy inviting you into my world, so you could discover your own, and we could be neighbors! Pack your sketchbooks, pencils, and pens! We are going sketch hopping! I call it like that because we`re going to move from one location to another making stops for sketching.
Buckle up! And don`t put your pencils and pens far away, you never know, when you could bump into a cute kitten to draw!
4 of June

12:00 — 13:15 | Plaza Reial, practising to draw squares and open spaces)

We`re meeting on Plaza Reial at the terrace of "Les Quince Nitz" restaurant. Getting to know each other and meet the curator. Everyone talks a bit about themselves while drinking coffee and passing a piece of paper, where each person continues the drawing of a "spiritual group animal". It’s an ironic and funny part.

Little story about Plaza Reial’s history and little introduction on how to draw squares and places like that. Bonus points, composition of the drawing, some life hacks.

13:30−14:15 | Escola d’Arts Aplicades i d’Oficis Artístics (Plaza de la Verónica), practising to draw buildings

Story about the place and the art school along with what’s interesting about drawing places like this. Point out some important moments and details.

14:30−15:15 | Port Vell (Plaza del Ictíneo), practising to draw water and ships

Story about the place, and cover the important points on how to draw water and ships, which is tricky!

15:40−16:20 | Brunch&Cake by the Sea, having a snack and a break/practising to draw food

16:35−17:00 | Iglesia de San Miguel del Puerto (Plaza de la Barceloneta), practising to draw a church/square/people

Share our experience and works, giving feedback, answering questions. Lots of praise and hugs.
We provide all the required documents if the course is paid by your employer. You can always purchase this course as a gift certificate and make a present to another person.
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