2-days workshop with Cristina Daura
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In this 2 days workshop we are gonna free our inner fears through drawing.

Have you ever felt hopeless, frightened, helpless, struggling with the system, society, social rules, your own country, or even your loved ones? We are sure you have. We have. To be able to get over your emotions is not only helpful in everyday life but could also be a weapon you use to awaken your voice as an illustrator and attract more attention using art as an instrument of social changes. Let’s come across our inner fears and draw them out.


Simple art supplies will be available (pencils and paper) so you can bring your own preferred paper pads, i-pads, pencils, or paints!

Make friends! Make art, not war! See you there!
Cristina Daura
I'm an illustrator based in Barcelona that mainly works with newspapers, record labels, musicians, some brands, publishing houses and other independent projects. I work using narrative and color as a way of expressing my feelings, my point of view of an experience. I work with panels, like a comic, but at the same time with symbolism. I have been told that my work can look naive at first glance but totally fucked up when you look close.

Location: Hotel Ginebra Barcelona

Rambla de Catalunya, 1
11 of June

11.00 — 17.30
11.00 Doors open. Meeting each other over the coffee.

11.30 Controforma short introduction. Cristina’s speech about the workshop’s idea and timetable. ice-breaking activity, participant’s presentation.

12.30 — 13.30 sketching and finding ideas.

13.30 — 15.00 Сoffee break, talk about ideas we have.
Narrowing them down. Sketching again.

15.00 lunch, going out.

15.30 — 17.00 Back on track. Working on prefinal composition.

17.00 Wrap up a day. Take your sketches and ideas home to think about and elaborate.
12 of June

12.00 — 17.00
12.00 Welcome coffee, some reflection on the previous day.

12.30 — 15−30 Get back to work.
Cristina is helping each participant during the practice if necessary.

15.30 — 17.00
Presentation time. Get all posters together and have feedback.
Small farewell ceremony. Certificates and hugs))
After 12 of July we have 1 week more to finish posters and have them ready for printing (if you wish to).
By organizing this event, we support Ukrainian artists. 20 percent of money raised from ticket sales will be donated to non-profit organizations.

If you are from Ukraine and would like to take part in our workshop, please contact us by email,, or on WhatsApp, and we will provide you the tickets.
You can always purchase this course as a gift certificate and make a present to another person.
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