Creating for Comics, Cartoons and Caricatures like Crazy!

Illustration workshop with Craig Yoe
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Craig YOE
New York award-winning artist Craig Yoe was a creative director for Disney, Nickelodeon, and the Muppets. Yoe has done art for Marvel, DC Comics, animation for MTV and Cartoon Network, and has professionally done creations of Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Ren and Stimpy, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, and many more iconic toons.

«Craig brings with him his valuable creativity and enthusiasm. He has a nice mix of business and creative talent!» – Jim Henson

«Buy Yoe!» – Stan Lee
Newbies and seasoned professional pros who want to do a deep dive into this fun and profitable art form!
25 of June

9.15 – 17.00
Drawing toons is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
In this stimulating workshop, you’ll learn hands-on how to create characters for comics and graphic novels, animation, and how to caricature friends, family, and foes!

9.15 — 10.00 Doors open! We begin with a fun Controforma short presentation and ice breaking over coffee at a funky cafe/event space «The Classroom».

10.00 — 12.00 Our instructor Craig teach you hands-on how to create characters for comics and graphic novels, animation, and how to caricature friends, family, and foes!

12.00 — 12.30 At 12 you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at the cafe. We will ask you for your preferences.

12.30 — 15.15 You will experience more ninja art mind tricks, drawing, and creating toons!

15-30 — 17.00 We share our creations and insights. You will be awarded your certificates and leave with last inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement )

See you soon!
We provide paper and pencils but feel free to bring your favorite material or pad to draw with—and have your unbridled enthusiasm.
By organizing this event, we support Ukrainian artists. 20 percent of money raised from ticket sales will be donated to non-profit organizations.

If you are from Ukraine and would like to take part in our workshop, please contact us by email,, or on WhatsApp, and we will provide you the tickets.
You can always purchase this course as a gift certificate and make a present to another person.
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