Week long camp
21-26 of November, 2022
Course introductory webinar
1st of June at 18:00 (GMT+3)
We are glad to announce a new camp that we organize in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Barcelona. We decided to make this camp about service design, as there is no better place to witness changes in services, urban planning, city structure, and the way the citizens and businesses adapt to it than Barcelona.
In our course, we will work with a real client case, immerse ourselves in business tasks, and solve them in practice. This will help you master the mechanisms of solving business tasks faster and more efficiently. Advice from curators, group classes with colleagues will help you create a community within the profession and gain knowledge and experience together with like-minded people.
A service design campus focused on professionals in product development, service development, and design thinking.
Business designer, founder and creative director at kidults) design agency.

Co-founder of Teamcheck, Flips and Suicide brands.

– 15y experience in design and communication.
– 200+ brands built
– 30+ products launched
– 300+ public talks
– 100+ strategic sessions
– 5 own startups

Professional expertise:
– business strategy,
– product ecosystems,
– r&d and innovation process startups,
– disruptive business models,
– branding and brand experience,
– web3 adoption.
Evgeny has created digital services for leading brands such as BMW, Daimler, Philips, and others. He has been an integral part of his teams at IDEO, Futurice, and now he imagines the future of fintech at Pleo.

As an educator, he has given lectures and workshops and Google, Hyper Island, and his alma-mater HfK Bremen.
1 DAY (21 of November)
10.00 — 15.00
Meeting each other at course space — mini presentations, discussing our goals and expectations. Diving into the context and theory of service design. Synchronizing our wording, tasks and tools.

15.00 — 19.00
Talk from an urbanist about Barcelona. How the city works, its infrastructure, growth and development, specific lifestyle. Group practice — interviewing the city residents on life in the city.

19.00 — The end of the day, presenting the results of our research.

2 DAY (22 of November)
10.00 — 11.00
The day begins, setting the goals for the day.

11.00 — 15.00 Bike city tour.

13.00 — 15.00
Meeting the course client, reviewing the work.

15.00 — 19.00
Steps of service creation. Practice. Investigating the objective (task) of business. Speculative design. 4Ps: possible, plausible, probable, preferred futures. Creating a perfect user scenario.

The end of the day, presenting the results of our research.

3 DAY (23 of November)
10.00 — 15.00
The day begins, setting the goals for the day.
Talk/workshop from Mike and Zhenya.

Basics of discovery. Research Design. Field survey. Interviewing users. Going through the scenario. Defining personas.

10.00 — 19.00
Figuring out a real CJM (Customer Journey Map). Spotting pain points.

The end of the day, presenting the results of our research.
4 DAY (24 of November)
10.00 — 11.00
The day begins, setting our goals for the day.

10.00 — 15.00 Pain points (description, categorisation). Opportunity areas.

15.00 — 19.00. Dividing into certain groups according to opportunity areas. Defining service characteristics. Discussing the work steps in new groups. Outlining Minimum Viable Services.

19.00 The end of the day, presenting the results.
Dinner together (optional).
5 DAY (25 of November)
10.00 — 11.00
Theory: prototyping and introducing innovation. Basics of storytelling. Service blueprints. Implementation strategy.

Working on prototypes of our solutions. Packing the ideas for presentation and testing.

19.00 Wrap up the day, presenting the results.
Dinner together (optional).
6 FINAL DAY (26 of November)
10.00 — 15.00
Presenting and discussing the implementation of solutions in business.
Talk with a course client.

15.00 — 18.00
Reflection. What do I take with me as a skill or techniques? Discussion.

Graduation event.
Price – 550€ 650€
*the price is valid until 10 of October
Price includes educational programs and workshops. Transportation, food, museums, and accommodation are paid separately. In order to participate in this campus, you have to send us a letter to with a brief story about yourself and a link to your projects (if possible).
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