Week-long camp
20-25 February
Course introductory webinar
1st of June at 18:00 (GMT+3)

The camp is aimed at illustrators, designers, art lovers, and all people who want to explore the art field of the city and know the unbeaten paths of it. Are you unsure if your art experience or background is enough to apply for the camp? You shouldn’t! The program is adjustable for every creative soul.

Spending an incredible week in sunny Barcelona, improving your drawing skills, and getting to know the creative side of the city is priceless.
If you have a craving to meet more like-minded people from around the world and establish a connection for friendship or work projects we’ll help you achieve your goals!
Barcelona is a gem for creatives. The broad community of artists, both in the modern and classic scenes, made Barcelona one of the most flourishing art markets in Europe. Galleries, museums, hidden bars, and restaurants full of pieces of art by local and world-famous artists will keep you inspired for a long time.

You will not only immerse yourself in a creative city’s picturesque environment but also gain an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience by avoiding beaten paths and tourist traps.
1. Get technical skills improvements
2. Feel professional growth
3. Practice how to present your works better for clients
4. Figure out how to be consistent as an illustrator (artist) in discipline, vision, community support, motivation-wise.
5. Enrich your portfolio with a course project
6. Assume the creative landscape of the city
7. Meet people from your industry and build new connections.

And last but not least —
you will get the certificate )



The deadline application period is 14 February.

The number of participants is limited (max. 14 people).

We provide the following services as included in the course: lectures, workshops, museum visits, and the farewell dinner.

Take care of flight tickets to Barcelona, accommodations, and the meal.
Be sure you have a right visa to enter Spain.


You can choose any place to stay (not far from the center).
Also, we can recommend you to book a hostel from the list below if you are are looking for something decent and affordable.

Unite hostel | 50 € p/night
Zero hostel | 50 € p/night
Hostel One Sants | 42,98€ p/night

List of recommended hostels

Sofia kolovskaya
Sofia Kolovskaya is an illlustrator and comic artist with an experience of teaching. She does a lot of freehand drawing, as well as works with different computer programmes and sometimes combines both. She has experience of creating books, comics, and illustrations for different companies and publishing houses. Since 2014, she has been drawing every day for creative project on the Internet 'One Day One Sketch' (over 30k followers, more than 3000 drawings). She wrote a thesis on comics application in her second MA and can tell you a lot about this area of art.

She carries out courses on illustration, workshops on comics and design, does talks on art history. Her teaching philosophy is about importance of each student’s personality, joy of creative discovery and everyday engagement.

Here you can see Sofia’s works.
20 February

Urban sketching
12.00 — 13.00.
Meet each other and our curators and organizers on the sunny rooftop terrace of one of the most emblematic art shops in the city. After an introduction and getting to know each other, we spend some time in a shop preparing ourselves for the start of the course. You can find all types of materials for craft art and drawing and top up your collection with a couple of sets of sharp pencils and watercolors.

13.00 — 16.00 Sketching time!
We will go to one of our favorite spots in the city to take inspiration from a traditional city square ("plaza") and do some drawings. People, dogs, and children playing by the Gothic cathedral and medieval church are always ready to surprise, inspire, and touch your soul.

16.00 — 17.00
Wrap up the day.
Discussing the day's results and taking a good rest.

21 February

Urban sketching
10-00 Beginning of the day.
Meet each other in the old Spanish cafe for coffee and breakfast at Plaza Real.
We can't miss an inch. Have your pencils ready and sharp. You never know where you'll see a cute dog to draw.
Discuss the goal of the day and map our plans.

11.00 — 15.00 Sketching time.
After a short lecture about the history of the place and the architectural structure of a place, where we are going to practice drawing buildings and different city elements.
We'll change a few places to be able to try new angles and objects to draw.

15.00 — 16.00 Lunchtime.

16.00 — 17.00
Wrap up the day.
Discussing the day's results and taking a good rest.
22 February

Museum day
10.00 Meet each other.
Plan your day, set goals, and be inspired.
The lecture from the curator — How to draw in museums.

12.00 — 15.00 Contemporary art museum visiting (Macba).
Meet the museum curator.
Excursions around the expo.
Sketch the inside of a space.

15.00 — 16.00 Lunchtime.

16.00 — 17.00
Discussing the day's results and taking a good rest.
23 February

The city's art scene
Visiting artists' studios and local galleries, and having networking sessions with local artists and creatives.

10.00 Meet each other in a local cafe.
Plan your day, set goals, and be inspired.

11.00 — 13.00
Moving on to the first location — an artist's studio. Talks about the art scene of Barcelona, clients, projects, and the way to be. Q&A session.

13.00 — 15.00
Moving to the next spot — Art Gallery at Born and Can Framis museum at Poblenou.

15.00 — 16.00 Lunchtime

16.00 — 17.00
Discussing the day's results and taking a good rest.
24 February

Urban/modeling sketching
10.00 — 12.00 Meeting local artists and doing sketches at the Sketching Breakfast Club of Barcelona.

12.00 — 14.00 Guided tour at the Pablo Picasso Museum.

15.00 — 19.30 Free time (modern European art museum visiting optionally).

19.45 — 22.00 Meet each other for a life drawing session!
Nude modeling and lifetime practicing drawings.

22.15 — 00.00 Friday night party and networking with the international art community.
25 February
12.00 — 18.00

Reflection day.
Presentation of all works created along the course.
A graduation ceremony.

Wrap up the day.
Celebration of the end of the course.
Farewell cocteils.
PRICE – 400500€ without accommodation
650€ 750€ – with accommodation

+ 10% discount for students
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