Week-long camp
6-11 of March 2023
This course aims to develop a professional community, which will create a visually and content-wise rich project at the end (a sketchbook across Athens) and develop an awareness of both theory and practice of illustration. Most of what students learn from this course is applicable to their future professional careers and other types of art and illustration.
The course is designed for English-speakers who have experience in drawing and want to improve their skills. Being a student of art, design, illustration course of any institute is not necessary.
The course includes the theoretical part (different lectures on illustration and art history) as well as active exercises and a a lot of drawing on-site practice and regular results reviews. The course consists of #nbsp lectures, museum visiting and intense drawing activity. We’ll live together a big and comfortable flat in the city center.
• want to get a new traveling experience
• draw and desire to improve your skills in real-life drawing/on-site illustrations
• interested in documenting their journey using different sketching instruments


• journalistic illustration
• different sketching techniques
• art journal and sketchbooks
• from painting to contemporary illustrators
Sofia kolovskaya
Sofia Kolovskaya is an illlustrator and comic artist with the experience of teaching. She does a lot of freehand drawing, as well as work with different computer programs and some-times combine both. She has experience of creating books, comics, and illustrations for different companies and publishing houses. Since 2014, she has been drawing every day for creative project on the Internet 'One Day One Sketch' (over 30k followers, 3260 drawings).

She is holding two MA degrees: in Graphic Design from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia, and in Visual Communicaton Design from Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland, she also spend one semester as an exchange student at Rhode Island School of Design. She makes courses on illustration, workshops on comics and design, lectures on art history — both in Russian and in English. Her teaching philosophy is about importance of each student's personality, joy of creative discovery and everyday engagement.

Here you can see Sofia's works.
Day 0
5 of March
Arrival, check-in and meeting each other.
Day 1
6 of March
Sketching, sketchbooks/travelbooks

10.00–13.00 meeting the teacher and tasks for starting drawing, sketches of people and objects
13.00–14.00 lunch
14.00–15.00 talk «how to become an illustrator», answering the questions
15.00–16.00 practice
16.00–17.00 theory: the art of drawing «on the go», sketchbooks and travel books
18.00–19.00 sewing our own sketchbook, assigning tasks for the next day

Outcome of the day:
Series of sketches and a ready sketchbook for the next day
Day 2
7 of March
Illustrator/journalist, drawing in the city

10.00–11.00 meeting, illustrator/journalist (lecture) + references for drawing in the city
11.00–18.00 practice of drawing in the city with a break
18.00–19.00 meeting, reviewing the results, comments

Outcome of the day:
Filled-in travel book, getting an idea of illustrated journalism and test work in this field
Day 3
8 of March
Illustrator/journalist, drawing at the museum

10.00–11.00 meeting, inspiration, practical task
11.00–18.00 drawing at the museum / in the gallery (putting emphasis on drawing objects, rooms, ambiance) with a break
18.00–19.00 reviewing the works of the day, comments, praising

The outcome of the day:
Sketches from the museum and an understanding of how to work with what is on display at the museum
Day 4
9 of March
The art of graphic novels (comic books)

10.00–11.00 lecture about graphic novels (comic books)
11.00–13.00 assigning a task for the day, coming up with a story, starting to work on our comic strip
13.00–14.00 lunch
14.00–18.00 practice
18.00–19.00 presentation, review, critique, comments, advice, praising

The outcome of the day:
developing our skills in visual storytelling
Day 5
10 of March
journalistic illustration, interview
+ how to find ideas for your drawings

10.00–11.00 inspiration talk about fields of illustration application and hybrid narratives
11.00–13.00 interviewing a person and creating a visual story (teamwork)
13.00–14.00 lunch
14.00–15.00 lecture «how to find ideas for your works»
15.00–18.00 different tasks on creative thinking + time to finish an interview
18.00–19.00 reviewing the results, comments, advice, praising

The outcome of the day: getting experience of working as an artist/journalist; develop your creative thinking and learning the ways to find ideas for your drawings
Day 6
11 of March
Time management, work with clients, personal promotion plan, portfolio/CV

10.00–11.00 talk: how to plan your time, secrets of working with clients
11.00–12.00 Bringing together all the works, taking photographs for portfolios (YOU WILL NEED A COMPUTER/TABLET for designing your portfolio)
13.00–14.00 lunch
14.00–17.00 designing a portfolio and personal consultations
17.00–20.00 presentations, comments, final massive review, praising and hugs

Outcome of the day:
Finalised CV, understanding of how to manage your time, finished portfolio, and a series of works for social media

21.00 farewell meal and a party
Final day
12 of March
Breakfast, check-out and departure

PRICE – 990€
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Or you can fill-up the form below. We message you back within one day :) Price includes the cost of education, accomodation and 2 dinners (welcome and farewell). Transportation, food, and museums are paid separately.
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