How was it?
30 of September – 7 of October 2018
Feedback from participants
I completely rebooted and zeroed out myself. I met a lot of new great people. I learned that I know nothing) And, of course, Readymag — now I’m able to create a simple webpage or a presentation practically without any software, only with a notebook and an Internet access.
This trip triggered the strongest inner changes in me. Now I think and work in an entirely different way. I feel how much I grew during this time. The course took me (already on the first day!) out of my usual perfectionism zone. It helped me learn that I can work faster, more intensively, more creatively and — the most important thing — meet the deadlines. It liberated me by teaching me to address any tools, to film stories, to do interviews with the people whom I don’t know — to discover the world through my profession and to open myself to it which makes me incredibly richer.
The camp was useful because of new skills (previously I had no idea how to use Readymag, while the course introduced it to us easily and clearly). Also, it was very enlightening to communicate with teachers and colleagues. A skill of simple video editing was an unexpected bonus.
I used to deploy my design mindset before the course, but I didn’t have a clearly structured algorithm in my head, while the course helped me figure it all out. And today I carry out an exercise on design mindset for my colleagues)
Rebooting our brains, close communication with other designers from various professional areas, including relatively prominent ones:) A fresh perspective on the profession, lots of ideas with regard to self-branding and topics of research. I liked other designers, I liked unconventional tasks that make you step out of your comfort zone (please forgive me this cliché).
New experiences, communicating with great designers, new approaches in work, working with an unusual project, and I learned to film and edit videos. I also liked our calligraphy lesson)
The tasks were pretty diverse: design mindset, calligraphy, video, Readymag; an interesting project and a new experience; collective work and training our skills to find common ground with other team members, and Georgia is great:)
About campus
Well, we carried out a camp for web designers in Tbilisi! We’re going to tell you a little bit how it was.
  • Campus
    7 days, a team of 17 designers, 3 briefs from My Sisters team, 2 curators. Daily lectures, exercises, interviews, exploring local businesses and the city, and even a lesson on Georgian calligraphy.
  • Meeting Point
    All week we lived and studied in the building of a former Soviet sewing factory which now hosts a modern hotel, Fabrika, with a well-equipped courtyard, a cafe, art studios and workshops.
  • The Outcome
    Diving into learning enabled us to implement several personal projects and three final projects in small teams of four. In just one week, the guys enhanced their Web skills and turned into a large happy family ;)
My Sisters team’s case
Working in groups / A project in 3 days

For our off-site camp, we took a real customer case as an educational task and came up with an idea on how to realize it the way it solves business tasks.

The outcome of the course is the website telling about the project and engaging new clients and participants in it. We brought together all the content from scratch in order to launch it — photos and videos, as well interviews. To do that, we did three trips in three places, 2 hours aways from Tbilisi each (Likani, Nukriani, Sative).

The client of the course, My Sisters project, is a social business that helps women in remote areas of Georgia. Women who were left without support of their families and relatives. Their crafts are their only livelihood. 2 lari from each guest goes to developing educational programmes for the women of the village.