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1-10 of May 2021
The format of the camp is daily practice, filming and editing videos in different genres, studying secrets of video production. After dividing into teams, every day we produced video art and drew inspiration from magic landscapes of Tbilisi.
Student video works
The Camp Program
Day 1

Reviewing technical aspects

Task: to film a location / adjacent territory view
Day 2


Task: to make a movie about one of participants. The team splits into pairs and films each other.
Day 3


Task: to make your own version of a fragment of some movie — better well recognizable.
Day 4

Routine activity in a specified genre

Task: to film a routine activity in a specified genre. For example, taking a bath as a horror, or a breakfast as a drama / comedy.
Day 5


Task: to take a rest.
Day 6


Task: to make a trailer for a non-existent movie.
Day 7

Music video

Task: to make a music video. We review roles in production, consider motivation, goals (as an exercise).
Day 8


Dance party!