How was it?
brand camp
27 of May – 3 of June 2018
About this camp
So, we carried out our branding camp in Barcelona. No, you know, let’s start again. We carried out our camp outside Barcelona, in a town called Premià de Dalt, in a wonderful house full with curators and students. Now we’re going to tell you a little bit how it was.
Premia de Dalt
We moved from Barcelona to a nice town called Premià de Dalt, and only went to Barcelona to visit Mucho and David Torrents agencies and to do our research.
Villa designesa
Our camp was hosted by a comfortable three-storey villa with patios, a pool, a tennis court, a fireplace, antique furniture, and a great seaview.
7 days
7/24. Complete immersion and a unity of the team and its curators. Having breakfasts together on the grass and dinners, discussing the results of the day.
16 participants
Designers from four countries came to our camp to enhance their skills and turn into a large happy family in just one week;)
3 curators
Denis, Mike and Ilya shared their experience, helped perform practical exercises, and introduced unexpected conditions to the team.
3 briefs
Each participant implemented three projects: a commercial brief, territorial brand of the town, and a personal brand for another participant.
Case №1. Job Today
Working in groups / 4 days for a project

Developing a corporate style for an app that finds jobs for blue collars (nurses, waiters, barmen, hotel and tourism business workers). Job Today is a link between employers and job seekers. That is how Job Today described themselves ‘We are a social hiring marketplace for blue collar jobs. We connect employers and jobseekers through immediacy, frictionless and personal touch.' In our work process, we carried out more than 30 interviews with Barcelona residents, discovered lots of interesting insights that were later developed into the corporate style concepts.
Fragments of interviews with the city residents
We found out what jobs people have, how they found it, whether they are happy about it, what symbols they associate with their job and what they would do if they didn’t need to make money;)
Case №2. Premia de Dalt / Premia da Mar
Working in pairs / 1 day for a project

Our second task was to develop identities for Premià de Dalt and Premià de Mar. Those are small towns, and we were lucky to stay in one of them.

We spent the entire day exploring the life of residents of these towns, brought together visual references, recorded several interviews with residents and eventually presented 8 town identity concepts (working in teams of two).

One of our teams even met the town mayor and presented their ideas to him)
Case №3. A personal logo for another camp participant
Individual work / 1 hour for a project

An experimental project. Each participant picked two qualities that best characterize them. We put these briefs into a hat and divided them between us. We had one hour to design three signs: one that literally communicates the brief, an abstract metaphor, and an attempt to creatively rethink the task. As it turned out, one hour was enough to make interesting findings and find interesting images.
I just feel designs arrive) It was useful to look at myself, to understand what you definitely don’t wanna do, and vice versa, to realise what you love doing, to step out of your comfort zone, to manage challenges and listen to people who are already great masters at it and who are here to share their experience.
A bunch of interesting and different people who are at the same time close to each other in terms of their interests in one place — incredible, and the experience shared in such a short period of time is invaluable! Actually, the camp had a perfect timing — I got back with a large amount of ideas and plans. I don’t know how you did it, but it all makes sense now, and I have a plan to grow professionally and now I have confidence about things which I felt less confident about earlier. Thanks a lot, thousands of hearts, and hugs)
I recharged my batteries with a positive energy, both professionally and emotionally. I rebooted myself. I remembered that you can — and should — look at the same things in various ways. I met great people.
Tons of information, very positive emotions and invaluable work and communication experience. New approaches to tasks, higher working speed.