three-week-long challenge
22 of November-13 of December
Empower your creative practice with the best creators around the world — a 3 weeks-long challenge with everyday practice to boost your mind and imagination.

This course is for everyone who feels their creative life doesn't shine as bright as before. For creatives who feel stuck and craving to join a new community. For professionals who wish to meet people worldwide, expand their network, spread their art practice, design, and ideas internationally. The course will turn you into a rock star in your daily life and your work! All creatives are welcome to join our new exciting journey!

The course's main idea is not only to become familiar with different technics and methods to boost your bravery, diversify creative life but to work and present your own method of empowering creative potential. Becoming less shy, more involved, and helpful with your ideas in professional life and personal projects is a side result of this course.
What are we going to do?

The course consists of three weeks, and every week brings new tasks and highlights different skills of your artistic life and personality. Every week offers a new curator in charge of a particular topic: the quick invention of ideas, illustration, and sketches, self-exploration through art, and self-presentation in the end.

■ The first week we will spend with the founder as well as a process designer and facilitator of Triggers. This company creates their own methods to boost new thoughts and creativeness based on playful cards. Refresh your personality and make us believe in your ideas!

■ During the second week, we will relax and enjoy with Javier Perez. Drawing, making jokes, and playing around as if you are a child again.

■ The third week is to explore and reinvent yourself, of course, using art as a tool. With the help of a fantastic W1D1 application, we will play with numbers of installations, collages, photos and get more familiar with artists living around us and with ourselves.

■ The last day is one of the most important ones; we will discover the changes we have developed through the course. It could be challenging, and you might need all your bravery, but you won't regret it. Time to change it and stop hiding behind social networks.

Alejandro Masferrer is the founder of Triggers, a playful think-tank dedicated to the creative process. They produce tools, methodologies and systems that allow creatives and team to work more efficiently and fast.
Alejandro has an extensive experience working in more than 20 countries and five continents and consulting teams in companies like adidas, BBVA and Facebook and studios like Ueno, Ogilvy and BBH.

Javier Pérez aka cintascotch, is an audiovisual producer and partner of the digital agency «Cafeína» (Guayaquil-Ecuador).

He have won several awards of posters, illustration and animation. He became known worldwide for his project «Instagram Experiments» where he combines illustrations with real objects. He want people to be able to take a break from the saturation of photos in general. His clients includes: Santillana, Volkswagen, Cosmopolitan, 7UP, Samsung, National Geographic, Money Magazine and Oprah Magazine. His motto: Create every day. No matter your skills.

Designer, art director, founder of W1D1.

W1D1 is an app for daily creative growth with a team of designers and multidisciplinary artists behind it. We already developed over a hundred different creative challenges and we add new ones weekly. We believe that our app can help you to become more confident in your creative strengths and to become involved in a community of like-minded people.
During the week, we'll learn about ways to organize, understand, and hack your creative process. We will work with alternative tools for ideation and produce new ways to facilitate our way of generating ideas.
Each week we will have two webinars and everyday practice with challenging tasks.

1 week
(22-29 of November)
Curator — Alejandro Masferrer.
This week bases on Triggers cards and starts with the online webinar, explaining principals and methods of working with them.

From the 23 of August students will get an everyday challenge task and have time till the end of the day to finish it. The first week will wrap up summarized where students share their thoughts about the Triggers method and take 5 favorite cards to the next step (second webinar on the 29 of August).

2 week
(30 of November-
6 of December)
Curator — Javier Perez.

Illustration and art looking back to childhood.
Two webinars (30 of November and 6 of December) and everyday practice with challenging tasks.

3 week
(7-13 of December)
Сurators — Alexey Ivanovsky, Nina Zaharova.

Self-exploration through art using W1D1 app.
Two webinars (7 and 13 of December) and everyday practice with challenging tasks.
1 day more
Summarize your progress. Create your own method of generation ideas and problem-solving. Final webinar on the 30 of August.
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